Pickled Thoughts

Pickled Thoughts

Day 3: Slowing Becoming a Habit

Day 3: Slowing Becoming a Habit

This time I remembered to quickly write this up before going to bed πŸ₯³

Today's Accomplishments

🌟 Completed 2 Exercism exercises

And boy was that memoization one tough. In theory, I understand it, but in practice not so much. The missing piece was in defining the cache outside the function and checking the inputs separately. Will definitely have to review that again.

🌟 Completed a Codewars Kata

Lately I've been trying to work through these kinds of problems as if I were in a technical interview. Slowly I'm peeling the layers of impostor syndrome so I can start to apply to jobs 😬

Thoughts Still Pickling in the Brain Juices

πŸ₯’ Office Hours for high school students affected by the pandemic

Been thinking about these students in fully distance learning and are on their own in the learning platform. What makes me most hesitant is that they wouldn't even care to show up. They're not even putting in that much effort for these classes. How could I ask them to do so for something I'm doing for free, without grades? But I guess at least those who do choose to show up will do so.

For now, I've been looking at different programs and curriculums:

Edgenuity is what the students use at the school I've been grading for. It's a little outdated and covers topics very broadly. I had students submitting "web pages" as PDF documents they put together in PowerPoint or Word 🀧 Here's to hoping for a miracle...

Thanks for reading! πŸ’– Geraldine

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